Keiko – BB Cigar (Black Diamond Dust)

Terry O'Neill + Keiko Original

Artist: © Keiko

Size: 30"x40"

Medium: Acrylic on Cotton Rag Original Screen Print Hand Pulled

Edition: Edition of 15

Signed en verso Keiko Certificate from Terry O'Neill Photographer Please Call For Pricing and Additional Information 1.310.858.8114 or Email us at

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Brigitte Bardot Cigar (Black Diamond Dust).

Brigitte Bardot Cigar strikes a chord with the most recognized screenprints from Warhol’s Factory. Keiko illuminates Pop Culture Icons reflecting the spirit of an era of “true stars”.

Here French actress, Brigitte Bardot, one of the few to conquer the world smokes a slim cigar on the set of “The Legend of Frenchie King” in Spain, 1971. The film met with negative reviews but the photo by Terry O’Neill lives on in history. This photograph is in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Museum. It has been published around the world. If it has an air of familiarity, it is because some of the top supermodels of the world have imitated one of the fashion’s most celebrated photographs.

Brigitte Bardot is a myth when it comes to fashion, and her influence is still widely visible today.
Karl Lagerfeld, says about “Brigitte Bardot is the greatest fashion icon ever”.

Bardot served as muse and inspiration for a generation of singers such as Bob Dylan and John Lennon. Bob Dylan is said to have written his very first song about Bardot as a teen. John Lennon is said to have suffered so bad from jitters that he took LSD before meeting her. Serge Gainsbourg became Clyde to Bardot’s Bonnie.
Still an icon, 50 years later Bardot still shines bright like a diamond.

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