Zoobs – Dream Lover

Artist: Zoobs

Size: 25"x22"

Medium: Mixed Media Original

Edition: Serie of 10

Please Call For Pricing and Additional Information 1.310.858.8114 or Email us at Info@mouchegallery.com



Mixed media originals. Each edition in this series of 10 will be unique.

Piece will arrive framed as seen in the picture. Original frame by Zoobs.

Zubair Ansari, known to the art world as Zoobs, is a contemporary artist renowned for his celebrity portraits. Early work’s such as Dreamlover (2003), The Gambler (2203) and Fame (2004) caught the eye of Gut Hepner, who brought him to public attention in the 2004 Here/Now exhibition where he was featured amongst leading international artists and photographers such as David Lacapelle, Takashi Murakamim, Rankin and Mario Testino. In 2012 he created a series of canvassed celebrity portraits for his 2012 solo exhibition Remix at Mew 42 Gallery, London. The exhibition featured Madonna in Madonna and express yourself (2012), Amy Winehouse in Back From Black (2011), Elton John in Elton Magic (2011), Prince William in King of Pop (2011), and Kate Middleton God Save The Future Queen (2011), purchased by Dolce & Gabbana and currently showcasing in their flagship store in Bond Street London. The portraits use his signature techniques to reveal images that are layered with splash points of exploding colour which partially mask partially reveal the subject.

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All prices are for unframed prints unless mentioned otherwise. Custom framing is available upon request. Please call for framed pricing and additional information 1.310.858.8114 or e-mail us at Info@mouchegallery.com