Yelena York – Queen of Chess [Original]

Artist: © Yelena York

Size: 29" x 19"

Medium: Pointillism Pen and Ink

Edition: Original Pen and Ink
Hand-Signed by Yelena York

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1,500 hours of work & with 3,000 layers of ink dots: these chess pieces represent the precious moments Yelena spent with her grandfather playing chess.  Sadly York’s grandfather past away when she was a teenager but his legacy has continued, as seen with the passion and devotion York has patiently put together in the completion of these game pieces.



Recently shown at Art Basel Miami, Oxford International Art Fair and the Palm Springs Fair in 2014, Yelena York is a dynamic artist that has been the “Chosen Artist” for Southwest Magazine in 2015 for her Contemporary Saddle Paintings and has also won the Best Artist Prize for the Oxford International Art Fair 2015.

A master of color, line, and precision York’s pieces are detail oriented and are masterfully created with hundreds, at times thousands of hours of work.

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