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William Sweetlove – Cloned Turtle with Pet Bottle

Artist: William Sweetlove

Size: 24"x20"x20"

Medium: Hard Resin

Edition: Numbered and Hand-Signed by William Sweetlove
Edition of 100 in Each Color

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Belgian artist, William Sweetlove, is a member of the artists’ collective, “The Cracking Art Group” in northern Italy. As the physical medium that provides the basis for their art, the members use a type of plastic produced via a thermo-chemical reaction in crude oil, known as “cracking”. In the group’s manifesto, they call upon members to spread a vision of the world suffused with elements of irony and ecological awareness. Sweetlove creates friction between the artificial and the substantial, completely obliterating the boundaries between toy and work of art. His world is one in which poodles, giraffes and penguins are rendered into artifacts which unite Dadaism, surrealism and pop art in a common post-modernistic synthesis.

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