Thomas Everhart – My Homie Ace

Snoopy flying as Homie Ace

Artist: © Thomas Everhart

Size: Exhibition Edition 33.5"x55.5"
Original 84"x128"

Medium: Exhibition Edition Mixed Media Giclee and silk screen on Deckled edge paper
Original Acrylic and Varnish on Canvas

Edition: Exhibition Edition Limited edition of 9

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“How raw and fearlessly fearful we are when we first step into the dangerous waters just off the coast of our rules”  –Tom Everhart

In the same manner that Schulz started each of his cartoon strips in black and white, Everhart begins each of his fine art paintings in black and white. Although they are usually not intended to be black and white paintings, if Everhart feels that the painted black line drawing that starts the painting can stand alone at large scale rather than a small drawing, it is considered to be a finished work.

“Great art is abandoned, not finished”

For Everhart, when the work is left in black and white is when drawing becomes an act of painting. It is rare for this to occur, so for Everhart they are some of his favorite works, as it references Schulz’s black and white drawings, as well as his other influential footnotes of fusing drawing and painting.

Inspired by abstract expressionism but very much a testament of the contemporary times, Everhart’s work is a mesh of life experiences, endurance and friendship.  The large original acrylics or limited edition lithographs are a whirlwind of black and white, a composition that demonstrate the power of a repeated brush stroke.

Tom Everhart is the only artist in the world licensed to utilize Charles Schulz’s Peanuts characters. Schulz never wanted to have an illustrator step into his shoes and continue to draw the Peanuts comic strip after he could no longer do so. Peanuts was something very personal to him and he was determined to keep it that way. But when he saw the direction they were taking in Everhart’s paintings, he saw a future that he never could have anticipated. Tom’s new vision of Schulz’s creations has been exhibited in some of the largest museums around the world, including the Louvre, and has been collected by a very impressive list of collectors.

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