Stephen Holland – Rocky

Artist: Stephen Holland

Size: 26"x41"

Medium: Limited Edition Giclée Print on Canvas
Hand Signed by Stallone and Stephen Holland

Edition: Limited Edition of 100

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From Ali to Yogi, from Bogart to Brando, from Eastwood to Evel Knievel, Holland is the master of painting the “tough guys” of sports and celebrity. There is struggle and triumph, grit and glory, humanity and spirit, in every Holland painting.
Holland has garnered the respect given to a master painter, witnessed by the numerous commissions and accolades he receives in the field of music and sports, including The American Sport Art Museum and Archives, Los Angeles Kings, ’96 Olympics, The Grammy’s, LA Dodgers, Major League Baseball, Baltimore Ravens, Colorado Avalanche and proud private collectors worldwide.

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At the base of the famous steps that lead up to the Philadelphia Museum, there is a larger then life bronze statue of a boxer, raising his arms up in humble victory. It’s a monument to a distinctly American folk hero. Sure, some will sneer “he’s a character from a movie”. And, as much as they’d be factually correct, they will have missed it’s greater truth. Rocky Balboa, unlike any other figure (fictional or not), embodies the very essence of what is held dear by Americans as the best of their character.

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