Sean Danconia – Ohaiyo Kyoto, Kitty Coco

Artist: © Sean Danconia

Size: 21.5" x 28"

Medium: Mixed Media, Hand Embellished in Acrylic on Museum Grade Canvas With 24K Gold and Archival Ink

Edition: Limited Edition, 18 Prints in Each Set, 3 APs (21 in Total)

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The print features a kitty-esque world of characters worshiping a kitty-fied COCO CHANEL in her (not so) signature Chanel Suit (with kimono patterns), holding a bottle of Coco Chanel, visiting and shopping on the streets of Kyoto, Japan with Chanel bags overflowing with fun kawaii kitty and Chanel-esque merch and memorabilia. In the piece, we can also see icons of Japanese pop-culture including the Shinkansen (bullet train), Godzilla n’ friends, cherry blossom-adorned sidewalks and even a Japan-Airlines inspired ‘Chanel Air’ plane flying high in the sky.

Sean Danconia has built a seductive visual universe by marrying his love for cult-cinema, comics and animation to a wild pop-art aesthetic. His irreverent, prolific, and explosive imagination—based on an encyclopedic knowledge of popular culture —has produced a compelling array of fine art, collectibles and multimedia experiences across the globe.

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