Sean Danconia – Breakfast At Kittyʻs

Sean Danconia - Breakfast At Kittyʻs

Artist: © Sean Danconia

Size: 32" x 24"

Medium: Canvas, Premium Gloss Canvas Giclee, Archival Ink

Edition: Limited Edition 50

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Breakfast At Kittyʻs, 2021
24″x32″ Unframed Stretched Canvas
Premium Gloss Canvas Giclee, Archival Ink
Hand Signed by Sean Danconia
Limited Edition of 50

Sean Danconia has built a seductive visual universe by marrying cult-cinema & animation to a wild pop-art aesthetic. Whether applied to fine art, apparel, or animation, Danconia’s colorful, multi-layered collage of cinematic stories and iconic characters are instantly recognizable.

After living and working in Italy, Hong Kong, Vancouver—this iconoclast Canadian designer/artist/animator burst onto the LA art scene in 2008, lending his iconic style to Disney®, Hello Kitty, the Bob Marley Estate, The Nisei Week Foundation, Anime Expo, King Features, Warner Bros and Marilyn Monroe, among others – in addition to various independent projects.

Danconia’s composite world is a “bio pic” of his own imagination: irreverent, prolific, explosive – based on an encyclopedic knowledge of popular culture past, and a knowing eye for future trend undercurrents years before they hit. His creative arsenal integrates hand painting, illustration and photography, with 3D & digital mediums, culminating in what Danconia identifies as “SuperPop” – an irreverent rebellion against the SuperFlat and traditional pop art movement.

“BREAKFAST AT KITTY’S” by Sean Danconia

The Ultimate symbol of Kawaii-Fashionista-Fabulousness

An eclectic cinerama collage of Tiffany & Cos-esque iconography, doubling as an imaginary ad campaign for the best Dim Sum x Diamond boutique x Nail Spa in Kyoto, Japan! (▰˘◡˘▰)

The art features a Gotochi-Kitty x Holly Golightly-infused “Miss Feline Fine” (aka Hello…Kitty?) cosplaying as a certain Audrey (confused yet?), shopping, walking, talking? and taking in the Japanified sights and Breakfast Yum Cha 飲茶 delights at the Kowloon Dim Sum club in Shimogyō–ku (下京区).

In the background, an array of Kittyrific Showa-era tomodachi—from Godzilla to Mt. Fuji—look on, celebrating her as the ultimate symbol of Kawaii-Fashionista-Fabulousness, all the while considering the nature of consumer-driven capitalism as seen from an anti-Marcuse reverse-post modernist bye-bye-kitty-brand subtext…or maybe it’s just Dear Daniel’s way of showing shiawase & LOVE. (。♥‿♥。)

Sean Danconia has built a seductive visual universe by marrying his love for cult-cinema, comics and animation to a wild pop-art aesthetic. His irreverent, prolific, and explosive imagination—based on an encyclopedic knowledge of popular culture —has produced a compelling array of fine art, collectibles and multimedia experiences across the globe.

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