Over New York, 1963

Artist: Melvin Sokolsky

Size: 48" x 60"

Medium: Matte Dye-Sublimation Print on Aluminum

Edition: Limited Edition of 25

Each work in this edition is a dye sublimation printed directly onto metal, “eliminating the need for glass protection and giving them an immediacy and sheen that has the paradoxical effect of bringing their subjects to life while simultaneously flattening them into a hyper-stylized netherworld.”

Melvin Sokolsky’s photographs are deeply imaginative, challenging the aesthetic conventions of the advertising and editorial worlds. Reflecting the artist’s fascination with Surrealist art, Sokolsky’s photographs play with spacial relationships, scale, proportion, visual rationality, and the laws of physics. Sokolsky defines an aesthetic that continually creates images which transcend the clothes they purport to feature, always provoking, always engaging, always alluring.


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