Mio – Red Dragon (Enzo)

Artist: Mio

Medium: Monoprint on Aluminum

Edition: Original

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Mio’s work, perfecting his sublimations on aluminum, escalated over the past 12 years reached his goal, in collaboration with an industrial genius, developing the technology and science of this current process. Him and his colleague were able to achieve the 2000 degree, even temperature necessary to create a perfect, unblemished image using a 40 ton machine. High heat along with 60,000 lbs of pressure vaporize the pigment on the film, baking and embedding it permanently into anodized aluminum, a somewhat porous metal, losing any pixels. Changing the technology from digital to an image that equals or surpasses the quality of a photograph developed in a darkroom. Mio is the only person to have this unique process/machinery.

Bearing the late founder’s name, focused purely on performance, the Enzo, aka the Red Dragon, is Mio’s favorite. Every few years, the two facets of Ferrari combine. The high-tech and high-performance designs of Formula One (F1) become the ultimate dream car. Results have always been exotic, incredibly fast, and incredibly expensive. Prospective owners had to apply to Ferrari for the privilege of buying one of the 400 produced.

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