Keiko- Stormtroopers X Lord Vader (Clouds)

Artist: © Keiko

Size: 30x40

Medium: Screen Print on Archival Cotton Rag Paper

Edition: Trial Proofs

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Lord Vader with his army of stormtroopers flying in rank behind him on Clouds. Available Diamond Dusted. Part of Keiko Noah’s Caught in Duplicity & Multiplicity series. With influences from Magritte.

Inspired by the recent movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). This piece shows a mug shot of Darth Vader. The millions of storm troopers behind Lord Vader is his clone army. However, it references the fragmentation and schizophrenic nature of our mass produced society. Are we just another FN-2187 in a series of reproduced clones?

#Lord Vader  #morethanbipolar #multiplepersonalitydisorder #fragmentedbehavior #schizophrenic #mugshot

After 25 years of working alongside acclaimed artists in the field of music, photography and design, Keiko Noah lends a pop feminist eye on the celebrated portraits of the most influential icons of the 20th century.

Keiko Noah, with legendary photographers such as Terry O’Neill and Alfred Eisenstaedt, reinterprets classic portraiture by diamond dusting images with contemporary modern style. These portraits, the most recognized in the world, have captivated and fascinated for more then 5 decades, bridging generation gaps and standing the test of time.

Following the steps of Warhol, Keiko silks screens portraits of powerful women such as Bridgette Bardot and Marilyn Monroe. Even in the age of the 15 seconds of Instagram fame, where any face could be catapulted into the stardom of the “most viewed” photograph, Keiko’s art shows that these icons continue to make their mark.

In her deconstruction series, Keiko picks apart and reassemble pieces to question the objects of beauty and how they have changed over the years. Is there beauty in the reassembling of the pieces or in the pieces themselves?

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