Sinatra Original Screenprint Terry O'Neill + Keiko

Keiko + Terry O’Neill – Sinatra Boardwalk Original Screenprint

Terry O'Neill + Keiko Sinatra Boardwalk Original Screenprint

Artist: © Keiko

Size: 30"x45"

Medium: Acrylic on Cotton Rag Original Screenprint Hand Pulled

Edition: Edition of 15

Signed en verso Keiko

Certificate from Terry O'Neill Photographer

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This limited edition screenprint, “Sinatra Boys Club” features Frank Sinatra on the Boardwalk at the Fountainbleu Hotel, Miami, 1968. Terry O’Neill captured this shot of Sinatra with his bodyguards and his body double, dressed in the same suit, as they all walk down the boardwalk. They are arriving to the set of “Lady in Cement”, a crime film, with Sinatra starring as Tony Rome, the private investigator.

Through her signature Pop Iconicism, pop artist, Keiko has transcended this classic image into the realm of the contemporary art. The original photograph, is in the permanent collection of The National Portrait Gallery in London.

“Sinatra Boardwalk,” captures the feeling many have experienced when meeting the charismatic actor/singer. Sinatra is a giant among men, “He lit up a room,” says Terry O’Neill. Keiko spotlights Sinatra with his posse and faded the public into the background – as you can see he “owns” the Boardwalk.

Excerpt from Terry O’Neill’s 50 year Retrospective Interview at Mouche Gallery on meeting Frank Sinatra for the first time and his Iconic photograph “Sinatra Boardwalk”:

“I got friendly with Ava Gardner on the film and I used to take them to a sports jazz club in London. One day you know I got a chance to go photograph her ex husband. She goes you know what, I’ll write you a letter. So she writes me this letter, [and] I’m waiting for Frank to come onto the set.. and he comes around the corner with about 4, 6 bodyguards and I suddenly realized what a giant of a man that he was. This was my first view of him and I handed him the letter and he read the letter, he said right you’re with me, then he totally ignored me for the next three weeks. Which I realized now, or shortly afterwards, that he was giving me the biggest gift that anybody could give anybody. Because I could go anywhere with him. He didn’t even acknowledge the fact that I was there, and I realized the secret of great photography is to fade into the background and make yourself, sort of, as invisible as possible. And that was sort of my first major lesson in taking good pictures.”

In this collaboration, with the background faded and the spotlight shining on “Sinatra with the boys,” Keiko portrays Frank Sinatra as O’Neill recalls meeting him for the first time as, “the giant of a man he was”.

Hand-pulled Screenprint on Archival Cotton Rag with origina colorsl mixed by by Keiko.

Keiko Noah founder of the Mouche Collective

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Chasing clouds in Maui What is your greatest fear? Running out of chocolate Which historical figure do you most identify with? Lucille Ball …

After working with internationally known photographers such as Douglas Kirkland, Terry O’Neil, and Melvin Sokolsky, Keiko was influenced to create her own collection, which is inspired by different contemporary pop artists.

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