John F. Kennedy 100th Anniversary Box Set

There are only five full sets boxed with all 4 images. These will be editions numbered 2 through 6.

Artist: Ted Spiegel
Henri Dauman
Bill Beebe
George S. Zimbel

Size: 16"x20"

Medium: Silver Gelatin Prints

Edition: Limited Edition of 5


Mouche Gallery is honored to offer this very Limited Edition to our collectors!  <br><br>

In celebration of the John F. Kennedy Centennial, JFK Editions is proud to offer an exclusive box set of four limited-edition fine art photographs of President John F. Kennedy by legendary photojournalists Ted Spiegel, George S. Zimbel, Henri Dauman, and Bill Beebe. These photographs come in a custom-made presentation box stamped with the seal of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation in Boston. Each box comes with a top sheet signed by President Kennedy’s sister Jean Kennedy Smith to benefit the library.

This special limited edition set commemorates the Centennial of John F. Kennedy’s Birth.  The 4 photos chosen for this boxed set are from the 77 on display at the  Smithsonian’s special exhibition, “American Visionary: John F. Kennedy’s Life and Times,” which captures the spirit of optimism that accompanied his rise to the presidency.  Only 25 of each photograph or 100 total in the entire edition add up to commemorate the centennial of JFK.  All four are signed by the photographer and comes with an accompanying certificate signed by Jean Kennedy Smith. Along with each print, comes a story behind the image, a biography of the photographer and a certificate of authenticity. Both are signed by the photographer as well.

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