Idan Zareski – Babyfoot

Babyfoot in the Bigfoot Sculpture Serie

Artist: © Idan Zareski

Size: 19"x23.6"x17"

Medium: Resin Sculpture

Edition: Limited edition

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From: $21,000.00

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Babyfoot is a part of the Bigfoot sculpture serie, born out of the hands of a French/ Israeli sculptor, Idan Zareski.

Bigfoot, the walk for awareness.

The Bigfoot Sculpture of Idan Zareski is a world traveler. He is to be exposed around the world. With its African roots, and Latin American genealogy, Bigfoot is not a denunciation to racism as it might first seem, on the contrary, it is a peaceful call of hope, for unity amongst the human race.

His huge feet are like the roots of our past, our anchor to this small fragile Earth. Reminding to humanity that we are all from the same small planet. His relaxed attitude and the appearance of contemplation that emanate from Bigfoot is a testimony; No matter our race or color, where we live and who we are, we are all enslaved to our paradisiac planet, our home.

At ease in all continents, Bigfoot will carry the awareness message about cultural differences and origins, in a peaceful way without offending.

It is a call through art to reassemble, to seed awareness for the future generations.

If the arts are truly a hope for a better world, that Bigfoot is the chosen messenger to carry the task.

Keep on walking barefoot Bigfoot…

Idan Zareski, a French National born in Haifa, Israel, lived in multiple countries bearing witness to multiple races and cultures which are now a fundamental element in his work. He never attended Art School or any sort of Anatomy Course, his gift came to him as a need, which in time he could no longer resist. Idan shapes his creations out of clay, water and fire, to later set them in Resin or Bronze.

Exclusive Interview at Mouche Gallery with Idan Zareski

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