DL Warfield – DOPE

Artist: DL Warfield

Size: 38.5" x 22"

Medium: Acrylic and mixed medium with wood, Framed

Edition: Original



The Atlanta based artist and designer, DL Warfield, is an award-winning, critically acclaimed artist and designer. His creative company, GOLDFINGER, has delivered works for some of today’s hottest artists including Usher, Outkast, T.I., Pink, TLC, Michael Jackson, Keri Hilson, Young Jeezy, and Justin Bieber.

His client include Nike, DreamWorks, Universal Records, Coca-Cola, HBO, Adidas, and Sony Entertainment. His works have exhibited at Miami Art Basel, NYU, Studio B, and Rosenfeld Gallery.

The American Flag Remixed, a collection of mixed media flags inspired by America’s diverse history.

Using mediums such as metal, wood, Levi’s denim, leather iron and mercury glass the flags represent his various interpretations of American life. The flags appeal to corporate and hip-hop culture, to people who openly criticize America and its contradictions, and to people who embrace those inconsistencies.

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