Clara Hallencreutz – Picture Global Warming

Artist: Clara Hallencreutz

Size: Set of 3, in 3 sizes: 19.6"x27.5", 27.5"x39.4", 39.4"x55.9"

Medium: Fuji Crystal Archival Paper Plexi-Mounted

Edition: Limited Edition of 6
Hand Signed and Numbered

Please Call For Pricing and Additional Information 1.310.858.8114 or Email us at

Initially Clara specialized in commercial photography, which is vividly expressed in her contemporary photographic art with its graphic expression. The tone of her artwork is amusing and carefree, featuring bold dynamic colours isolated in a clean surrounding. Often her images portray a small-scale installation of everyday objects painted with a pop artist palette. The inspiration varies and is influenced by the visual language of art movements including surrealism, geometric abstraction and pop art. Sometimes a vague influence can be distinguished and on occasion, an abstract interpretation or re-creation of an old masters work, such as Mondrian or Magritte is clear. The colours play a central role in the connection between the viewer and Clara’s work, while the object portrayed simply plays a supporting part. Clara’s work articulates joy and energy and without being aggressive or condescending, the suggestive images inspire further conceptual exploration and imagination.

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