Michael Moebius – The Beatles All You Need is Gum (Collectors Edition)

Artist: Michael Moebius

Size: 48" x 72"

Medium: Limited Edition Giclée Print on Canvas
Hand Signed by Michael Moebius

Edition: Collectors Edition of 25

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Over 50 years ago the Beatles landed at JFK Airport and the American music scene was forever changed.

Aside from being cute and charismatic, we would soon discover that the Beatles had substance, and they were intent on proving it.

Here Michael Moebius captures the four lads from Liverpool, cultural trendsetters where it all began with their mod suits and mop-top hair cuts.  This was the beginning of their cultural mark on fashion.  The Beatles were at the center of the youth revolution that took places in the 60’s.  The ‘All You Need is Gum’ captures the first look at the Beatles, the Bubble Gum represents the teenagers following suit in their youthful rebellion starting with the mod suits and mop top hair.

 ‘All You Need is Gum’ pop art painting of The Beatles by Michael Mobius is the third in the Bubble Gum Series joining ‘Marilyn – Pink Bubble Gum’ & ‘Audrey Tiffany Blue’.  The Iconic Bubble Gums have taken the world by storm as seen in magazines such as Robb Report,

Glamour USA & Italy, Grazia Casa, Mayfair, Playboy and more with private and corporate collectors around the globe.

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