Michael Pemberton

Michael Pemberton Work

Michael Pemberton (b.1974) lives and works in Venice, CA.

Pemberton’s works are in private and corporate collections principally in London, New York & Los Angeles.

The play of openness to multiple interpretations creates freedom and spontaneity for Pemberton and his work. He employs accident and surprise as much as possible. The chase for an absence of apparent meaning (or an escape from) keeps the works fluid. Pemberton’s paintings are more a byproduct of this investigation rather than a planned endeavor.

‘As I work, I like to be devoid of personal interpretation. My effort is to stay in spaces between certainties. That’s where I find possibilities.’

In 2006, Pemberton presented ‘The Toxic Series’ a highly successful solo exhibition in Mayfair, London. The substantial body of work consisted of large abstract Plexiglas panels painted with cut ‘brushmarks’ and fields of colored tape locked in resin. The work whilst concerned with toxicity and the ‘beauty’ of pollution produced paintings of pure subject matter. Many subsequent commissions took Pemberton deeper into this analysis and way of working.

By 2008, the commissions of ‘Toxic’ works were complete. This way of working also felt exhausted for Pemberton. He felt he had accomplished what he had set out to do; to examine toxicity and pollution. However the compulsion to return to a painterly tradition had not yet struck.

A period of inevitable exploration followed, both culturally and creatively. A relocation to Brazil brought broader life experiences and an entirely new creative ethos. Time was spent with design work and immersion into the country and her ways of life.

By 2011, design work had brought Pemberton to settle in New York and it was there that his deep need to return to painting full-time took firm hold. Various long term (and disparate) inquiries in his painting practice filled his time in the studio. A move to Buenos Aires in 2014 and a period of relentless painting resulted in rejecting some painting practices and an eventual calming of inner creative noise for Pemberton.

By 2015, a return to London propelled Pemberton on a path with his painting that became ever more authentic and true. He felt he had found the right language in his work and with it a new set of questions began to emerge. These questions were transformed into in-depth investigations and enquires that allowed the work to develop more organically and spontaneously. A move to Los Angeles in 2016 furthered and simplified these concerns and his creative language. A collection of new and exciting works on paper and canvas are the results of these endeavors.


Michael Pemberton Work