The Kaplan Twins

Kaplan Twins Bio

The Kaplan twins are identical twins who paint as as a collaborative team.  They both received Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from New York University.

Shit! I Just Spilled Kombucha On My Yeezys” highlights how social media and the communication within social media has warped today’s world.  Living and working in LA, surrounded by a culture that is heavily influenced by social media, and Instagram in particular. Users understand that LA Instagram Culture has become a falsified advertisement for life; warping what is real and authentic. Everything has become a brand, every person has become a spokesperson, and every user has become a consumer – a collector or a purveyor of nuances.

For example, the piece “Do It For the Gram” depicts two people snapping a picture in front of Paul Smith’s pink wall, which has established itself as an LA Instagram phenomenon.

“We are using these tongue-in-cheek quotes over each piece because we feel that our relatable images garner stereotypical LA quotes that have engulfed both our generation and the younger generations after us. ‘If Instagram didn’t exist, would you still be a model?'”

The Kaplan Twins' Work