Idan Zareski

Idan Zareski, a French National born in Haifa, Israel, lived in multiple countries bearing witness to multiple races and cultures which are now a fundamental element in his work. He never attended Art School or any sort of Anatomy Course, his gift came to him as a need, which in time he could no longer resist. Idan shapes his creations out of clay, water and fire, to later set them in Resin or Bronze.

Since the launch of his serie Bigfoot, Idan, devoted to his art, rapidly gained international recognition. His work has already been exhibited in France, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Costa Rica, Colombia, and the United States.

“I’ve been blessed with an artist’s soul. From my childhood in Africa and through multiple pilgrimages around the world, my eyes have been nourished by images, which my hands now wish to reproduce. Memories of people from my past, sprinkled throughout my mind, are today the source of my personal creations. They inspire me to shape this same Earth to which I belong and to extract my vision of man, my experience and the beauty which surrounds me.”

“I’m always amazed when emotions take shape and materialize, without a word… in absolute silence….”

Idan Zareski Works